2021 Annual On-Property Ram Sale


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Friday 17th September 2021

Inspection starts 10am
Sale starts 1:30pm
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> 2021 Classings Classic sale host Bill Walker with $20,000 top price ram buyers Ray Schroeder and son Brad (kneeling), Gunallo, Pinnaroo, and vendors Ian and David Rowett, Mernowie, Marrabel (Photo Credit: Stock Journal)

2021 Pre-Sale Highlights

After a challenging start to the season with the late break, it was thankfully followed by a wetter than average June/July. We have been very fortunate particularly with these two months helping to hopefully set up an above average season.

The sale rams had 9 inches of rain on them in as many weeks, with none of it kept off them, they have stood up to this remarkably well and the wools are some of the whitest we have presented for sale.

The true dual purpose merino continues to make very good returns with mutton and lamb prices both holding strong and wool particularly the lower micron range providing excellent premiums.

Our offering in this year’s sale is well placed to give our buyers the opportunity to lower their micron whilst maintaining good wool cuts. Our sale team average 18.2 micron, our main lines of ewe fleece wool recently tested 19 micron average and hoggets just under 17 micron.

Our rams once again had a tough run over the summer/autumn period, and were given a small amount of supplementary feed but no grain feeders, as we maintain it’s important they are run commercially to identify the good doers.

This year we have seen a noticeable change in shape of our client’s hoggets with a more wedge shaped animal as opposed to the traditional slab sided merino which used to take a long time to look ‘finished’. We are finding it harder to get enough culls out when classing clients hoggets, which is very pleasing and shows the ever improving quality and quantity of wool, and the general structure of the various flocks.

We encourage all clients to take up our complimentary classing service, it’s a great opportunity for us to see where your flock is at and helps on sale day if required so we can direct you towards the most suitable rams to further improve your flock.

As we write this we are half way through our 5th shed lambing for the year, with for the first time this program we are shed lambing our 15month old maiden ewes. This will give us close to 1100 live lambs from the shed this year and we are very excited about the progeny that is currently on the ground. We have had a big focus on only using proven sires. We are always trying to use rams with a good balance of ASBV’s with our focus on early growth, positive FAT/EMD and good fleece weights.

The shed lambing is giving us more selection pressure on ewe temperament, udder score, and every ewe paddock or shed that doesn’t rear a lamb each year is culled.

Lots 1-6 in the sale were shorn 2 weeks earlier and were shedded for a period of time. The June/July drop rams will this year be offered last in the sale and they were shorn late April.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to seeing you Friday 17th September.

Regards Ian & David Rowett

Ian 0418486050 | David 0419839280

Mernowie Ram 200773


Reserve Sire, on Display at On-Property Sale
Semen Available

Mernowie Ram 201080


Sold to Gunnallo Poll Merino Stud at Classings Classic, Monday 7 September 2021
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