2020 Annual On-Property Ram Sale


Friday 18th September 2020

Inspection starts 10am
Sale starts 1:30pm
Catalogue Available from August 2020
Ian and David with buyers Kerry and Peter Rowett, Landmark auctioneer Leo Redden holding the top price ram at the 2019 On-Property Sale >

2020 Pre-Sale Highlights

  • Another challenging season for most sheep producers, but thankfully sheep continue to provide strong returns.
  • Good premiums remain in the market for wool in the lower micron range.
  • The sale rams are now powering ahead strongly, we consider this year’s sale team to have good depth of quality throughout the catalogue.
  • The rams were given a tough run over the summer/autumn with very minimal supplementary fed hay, which we don’t mind as is sorts out the better doers.
  • Do-ability is something that we strive to achieve and the introduction of ASBV’s has helped significantly in this area. We also cull ewes heavily on do-ability and dag score.
  • We have noticed a very positive shift in the shape of clients ewe hoggets we have been classing over the past few years, a meatier more wedge shaped merino as opposed to the traditional slab sided merino which used to take a long time to look “finished”.
  • Mernowie has just clocked up thirty years of heavy culling of ewes that fail to rear a lamb each year. We consistently observe our maiden ewes with very strong maternal instincts. Mating well grown, young ewes at 12 months of age is consistently achieving over 100% lambing. To date this year we have weaned 128% lambs including maidens.
  • We again plan to AI over 800 ewes this year to proven sires with balanced ASBV’s for growth, fleece weight and meat traits. As many of you would of heard, we single pen lambed our AI ewes which was a huge success, especially given the higher number of multiples we get from AI (weaned 142% from the 4 programs). This process has enabled us to easily mother up all AI lambs, and will help us to identify the top performing ewes, which will help the accuracy of our ASBV’s.
  • All rams were staple length measured with just under 6 months wool.
  • We encourage all clients to take up our complimentary flock classing service, it’s a great opportunity for us to see where your flock is at and helps on sale day if required to direct you towards suitable rams to continue to improve your flock.