2019 Annual On-Property Ram Sale


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Friday 20th September 2019

Inspection starts 10am
Sale starts 1:30pm
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David with some of the 2019 sale team (taken Jan 2019) >

2019 Pre-Sale Highlights

  • Another challenging year for sheep producers, but thankfully sheep continue to provide excellent returns.
  • Strong premiums remain in the market for wool in the lower micron range.
  • This year’s catalogue features many low micron rams. Obviously the challenging season has had an influence after autumn shearing, but the wool the rams are carrying is still bold crimping and white.
  • The rams are powering ahead strongly with no supplementary feeding and many will be over 100kg body weight by sale day.
  • Do-ability is something that we strive to achieve and the introduction of ASBV’s has helped significantly in this area. Please do not hesitate to ask David or Ian how to interpret the figures if you don’t fully understand them.
  • We strongly believe that fertility will be one of the main cornerstones of sheep production in the future.
  • Mernowie has just clocked up thirty years of heavy culling of ewes that fail to rear a lamb each year. We consistently observe our maiden ewes with very strong maternal instincts. Mating well grown, young ewes at 12 months of age is consistently achieving over 100% lambing.
  • We again plan to AI 800 ewes this year to proven sires with balanced ASBV’s for growth, fleece weight and meat traits. As many of you would of heard, we single pen lambed our AI ewes which was a huge success, especially given the dry autumn and the higher number of multiples we get from AI. This process has enabled us to easily mother up all AI lambs, and will help us to identify the top performing ewes, which will help the accuracy of our ASBV’s.
  • A highlight for this year’s sale is all catalogued rams are above the industry average for Yearling Clean Fleece Weight, with 39 in the top 20%.
  • 51 of the rams are in the top 20% for Yearling Weight.
  • Lots 1-20 in the catalogue were shorn 16th February so they could potentially be regulation tagged for the Adelaide show. The fleece weights were adjusted pro-rata for daily growth.
  • Lots 45-70 are June drop and were shorn with 3 months less wool.
  • Outstanding lambing percentages will enable us to offer over 250 young ewes & 150 breeding ewes on Auctions Plus later in the spring.
  • Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to seeing you Friday 20th September.

Post-Sale Highlights

  • The Rowett family from Bordertown bought the top price ram at $7,800. This ram had impressive ASBVs of +6.9 yearling weight, +25.3 yearling clean fleece weight and 0.1 yearling eye muscle depth.
  • Previous top price buyers the Groves family from Booleroo Centre, securing the second-highest price ram at lot 8 for $6,000lots 4, 5 and 6 to $6800. This ram was the heaviest in the catalogue at 114kg and had 18M wool with ASBVs of 9.2YWT, 18.5YCFW, 1.3YEMD and 0.2Yfat. The Groves were active at the top end, securing five rams averaging $4840.
  • Sam Przibilla, Riverton – who bought the 2018 sale-topper – was after a few more rams this year and selected strongly throughout the catalogue to secure five rams to $3000, averaging $2140.
  • Regular Mernowie supporter Grant Burge, Burge Estates, Tanunda, bought 26 rams to $3400, averaging $1658.
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< Ian and David with buyers Kerry and Peter Rowett, Landmark auctioneer Leo Redden holding the top price ram