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^ Elders Stud Stock Manager Tom Penna and Nutrien’s Stud Auctioneer Leo Redden, with Mernowie Stud Principals David and Ian Rowett, with Alex Horne and Leonie Mills Principals of Morely Stud from Cleve SA, with the top Price Ram.
^ David with the Top Price Ram, sold to Morely Stud, Cleve.

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Wednesday 21st September 2022

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> Mernowie Ram sold at 2022 Classings Classic $21,000 to Obrien Stud, Kyancutta. Pictured Jodie and Darren Obrien with Ian and David Rowett.

2022 Pre-Sale Highlights

No need to remind most SA farmers another late break to the season has proved challenging for most sheep producers.

The sale rams and now pushing ahead after a very tough period over late summer into autumn where they received little more than maintenance hand feeding. This does help sort out the better doers under commercial conditions.

Aside from the handful of rams prepared for external field days all other sale rams have had no shedding or grain feeders during the year. They stood up to the wet August very well. Excellent premiums remain in the wool market for the lower micron range. This year’s ram sale team average 17.4 micron.

Our annual clip, which includes stud ewes up to eight years of age averaged 18.8 micron and sold extremely well in a subdued market recently. Fleece weights were very good.

It is pleasing to hear clients are consistently weaning over 100% and often well into the 120% range. We place a lot of emphasis on fertility with nearly all ewes failing to rear a lamb every year are culled.

Once again we have mated our ewe lambs at 10-12months of age. These ewes are quite mature and are lambing now. Long term av 87% conception. We strongly believe that this has helped the overall fertility of our flock and their mothering ability is excellent.

These ewes lamb in September the first year, June the second year and April for their third lambing at three years of age. The use of Australian Sheep Breeding Value has helped significantly with growth rates. We also cull heavily on condition score and Dag score.

We are well into classing clients hoggets this year and once again are noticing a general pleasing increase in the quality and depth. There is a noticeable change in shape of the ewe hoggets to a meatier shape plus the outstanding crimpy low micron white wool. If you haven’t contacted us yet and would like your hoggets classed please do so. This is a complimentary service and one we find very useful in helping on sale day to direct you towards suitable rams if required.

We have changed our sale date this year from our traditional Friday to the following Wednesday, 21st September 1:30pm. There will be an increase in number of rams catalogued this year.

This year our ram sale will be interfaced with Auctions Plus. Any queries please let us know. Catalogue should be available by 10th Sept.

This will have mostly actual figures which we find very useful particularly for rams that are from syndicate mating’s where they are often penalised unduly due to lack of parentage information. All ASBV’s will be available on Auctions plus and in separate handout on sale day.

This year we again plan to Al 900 ewes over four programs using about 2/3 of semen from home bred sires. All sires need to comply with our criteria of balanced ASBV wool and meat traits.

We weaned 145% lambs from the shed lambing this year. The added advantage is we have full parentage which will help the accuracy of our ASBV’s going forward. The shed lambing process allows us to identify and cull heavily on ewe temperament/mothering ability & udder score which we think is important, particularly with ewes rearing multiples.

Regards Ian & David Rowett

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